Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girl and the Goat

After a while off, we plan to make our comeback in grand style. If last night was any indication, this is about to be the most impressive week of eating of my life.

Girl and the goat was perfect. It was the restaurant I would want to open but better. It is quite humbling that their execution surpassed my imagination, but I guess I'll just have to live with that.

The restaurant is pretty dimly lit, so unfortunately the pictures did not turn out A+, sorry.

First was the bread- house-made butter of course and a beer cheese spread. Good bread, but ya know... its bread.

salmon tartare . summer squash . summer truffles . marcona almonds
When it arrived at the table, I thought they had accidentally brought us something like bruschetta. The truffle was delicious.

chickpeas fritters . romesco . hazelnut hummus . sesame . goat feta

hiramasa crudo. crisp pork belly. aji chili. caperberries

grilled fanny bay oysters. soy cucumber mignonette

raw shibumi . radish mignonette . tarragon

confit goat belly . lobster n crab . fennel

wood oven roasted pig face . sunny side egg . tamarind . cilantro . potato stix

green beans . fish sauce . cashews

roasted cauliflower . pickled peppers . pine nuts . mint

Next up dinner at Mr. Buntins, followed by Publican, graham elliot, and L20.