Thursday, August 23, 2012

é by josé andrés

We successfully nabbed a reservation at é inside of Jaleo in the Cosmopolitan while we were in Vegas this weekend.  I almost made enough at the poker table to pay for the meal.  I was a little too excited when they told us that we were allowed to take pictures, since I had read somewhere that they weren't allowed, that I went sorta overboard with it.  

We got to the restaurant early and had a couple cocktails at the bar, which were awesome.  Mine was the best- it had vodka, txakoli wine, cucumber water, and strawberry puree.  The bartender was cool and not a douche.  Oh, and they we roasting a 3 foot long pig about 10 feet behind me... enough said.

the menu, which is a little out of order from what they served

rebujito- sherry cocktail with some sort of citrus espuma

prepping the first bites...

raspberry made to look like a flower, served in a cast of jose's hand.

caramelized pork rinds- crispy yet sticky, crazy combo

idiazabal "macaron"- THIS WAS SO GOOD.  high end cheesy poof

the porron- you pour wine into it to then drink out of the spout, apparently its sort of a game to see who can hold it the furthest from their mouths while drinking it

apple "brazo de gitano"- apple foam with something awesome on the inside, but we can't remember what it was

 these next two pics are the making of the almond and caviar dish

 nitro almond cup- almond and caviar.  you have to eat it immediately because it melts

almejas al natural- clams spherified in their own liquor, really nice and crisp

bocata de bacalao- this sandwich seriously kicked ass.  fried cod, some obscure cut of the fish, don't worry, you've probably never heard of it.  and delicious, delicious caramelized onions

prepping the chicken

crispy chicken skin and chicken oyster with thyme foam- another mind blowing combo. yes. everything should be served on top of chicken skin

truffle on top, espuma in the center, and i think basil flower- this might be the 'barquillo' on the menu, but we're not positive

raw chanterelles around some cheesy, soft cold center.  you had to lift it with the paper so it didnt fall apart

making the sangria

cava sangria with watermelon and a tiny piece of mint

non-alcoholic pairing- meant to resemble the beer with lemon that they drink, the foam was the citrus

artichoke "purée" with vanilla- it also had a very sour lemon foam

making the lobster dish

lobster with citrus & jasmine- and rosemary foam

chickpea stew with iberico ham-that's PORK SOUP as the base of this dish. the way they made it sounded crazy and took like a whole day

making the turbot

turbot with bone marrow- maybe my favorite element of the night on it.... the bone marrow "tator tot".  liquefied

rosemary wild mushrooms in papillote

the secreto of iberico pork roast before they plated it

non-alcoholic pairing with carrot, orange, and cucumber 

the secreto of pork with squid

santa gadea- this was amazing.  their cheese course.  the white swirl is an orange pifth puree and the brown swirl is pumpkin seed oil, with pumpkin seeds around the outside.  plus cheese and the crispy cracker

burning the rum

flan.  andrea's favorite sweet course.  flan quickly frozen in liquid nitrogen and with ice on top

pineapple upside down non-alcoholic cocktail

pan con chocolate- freeze dried bread pieces with cocoa powder and saffron espuma that you dragged through the bowl containing olive oil... pretty interesting

burnt rum with coffee

making the cakes

"arroz con leche"

25 second bizcocho with the "air" chocolates- i really liked the white chocolate one

cocoa paper with dried strawberries

the self proclaimed best gin and tonic ever- served with gin spices like juniper berry and keffir lime leaf

the shirley temple virgin version

the golden ticket they mailed us, which you in fact did not need to bring with you to the hostess at jaleo

They have shrimp and olives on their tile floor... awesome. 

full and happy :)